The Mummies – Tickets – Georgia Theatre – Athens, GA – August 11th, 2018

The Mummies

Athens Popfest Presents

The Mummies

Man Or Astro-Man?, Eureka California, Linqua Franqa, Izzy True, Ganser, Elekibass

Sat · August 11, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Georgia Theatre


This event is 18 and over

The Mummies - (Set time: 12:30 AM)
The Mummies
From: Daly City, California
The "budget rock" kings were part of the Garage/Surf-revival that took place in the late 80's-90's in California. They make no secret of their hatred for digital technology. They used to put "Fuck CDs" on the back of most of their records even though they have recently released a CD.
Man Or Astro-Man? - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
Man Or Astro-Man?
Man or Astroman were four college kids from Auburn, Alabama, USA who played some of the most pristinely crafted surf instrumentals since the 1960s. Formed by CoCo The Electronic Monkey Wizard on alternate universe bass, Birdstuff on traps, Star Crunch on guitar, and Dr. Deleto And His Invisible Vaportron on bass, the group released their first full-length album, Is it...Man or Astro-Man?, in 1993. The band found time to put out a new 45 record practically every other week in addition to full-length releases like 1994's Destroy All Astromen!, 1996's Experiment Zero and 1997's Live Transmissions from Uranus. The themes of the tunes usually run the gamut from spies to sci-fi. Dexter X later replaced Dr. Delecto, and Starcrunch left the band as well. The collection, Beyond the Black Hole, was issued in summer 2001.
Eureka California - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Eureka California
‘Summer’s here and the time is right for getting blackout drunk in the street.’

Eureka California’s going way too fast, and if they don’t slow down they’re gonna crash. Like peak Elvis Costello, they think if they keep the wisecracks and the puns coming fast enough they can avoid facing the truth—that death comes for everyone and nothing dies faster than dreams.

Versus, their 3rd album in 3 years, is the first one recorded in a studio (by MJ from Hookworms, in Leeds, UK) and it gives EC a power they’ve never had before. It’s incredible that two people can make such a big sound, but Jake Ward and Marie A. Uhler have developed a near-telepathic ability after years of playing together, and while they’ve always been good, Versus is their first stab at greatness, soaked in television & gin & the kind of language you hear everyday but you never heard quite like this.

Endlessly self-referential and endlessly self-destructive, stuck on an endless treadmill of tension & release, of megalomania & doubt. Versus is agoraphobic fight songs, songs about loving television more than people because people always let you down and the static from the set makes more sense than the static coming out of their mouths. EC songs exist in a world where ordering a pizza is fraught with anxiety and you have to laugh to keep from dying.
Linqua Franqa - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
Linqua Franqa
LINQUA FRANQA is the hip hop project of Athens, Georgia-based linguist-turned-legislator Mariah Parker, whose passion for social justice and scientific fixation with hip hop language are obvious in the intricate, self-aware rhymes she interweaves with boom bap beats. Parker holds a Master's degree in Linguistics from the University of Georgia, where she now pursues a PhD in Language and Literacy Education. Her lyrics, garnished with haunting neo-soul hooks, tell unflinching tales of chemically-induced heartbreak, reproductive justice, racial politics and feminist swagger, and longtime hip hop heads will hear echoes of nineties New York underground in both her playful vocal delivery and piano-centric, classic R&B-inspired compositions. In the wake of a critically acclaimed first album and narrowly-clinched election to the Athens city council earlier this year, Parker has garnered the attention of CNN, The New York Times, Teen Vogue, National Public Radio, Al Jazeera, Afropunk, Blavity, The Hill, The Root, Impose, Performer Magazine and others for her outspoken commitments to racial and economic justice and her electrifying live performances, which call listeners to self-reflection and critical action in their lives and their communities.
Izzy True - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Izzy True
Ganser - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Elekibass - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
“The Beatles influenced Brazilian band playing Rock and Roll with Portuguese.
We are influenced from that kind of band and playing Rock and Roll with Japanese and English...that ’s us, with the simplest self-introduction.”
Youichi Sakamoto (elekibass vocals)
Venue Information:
Georgia Theatre
215 N. Lumpkin St
Athens, GA, 30601