Tech Specs

Production Specifications

The Georgia Theatre was rebuilt after a devastating fire on June 19th 2009. The following is a description of the stage and production specifications of the newly rebuilt facility.


The performance stage is thirty feet wide by twenty seven feet deep with 30 feet of height. In addition there is a stage-wing that is nine foot six inch wide, by eighteen feet deep with twelve feet of height behind the main curtain on stage-left. House monitor position occupies this area with ample room for an additional monitor mix setup of similar size in this area as well. The Stage load-in door is on the upstage left rear wall of the building in the stage-left wing area. There is a twenty six foot wide by twenty six foot tall white Cyclorama hanging against the rear wall. This is a fixed position and does not fly out.

Directly downstage from the Cyc is a twenty six foot wide by twenty six foot tall black curtain that splits in the center, is on track and can open to twenty four feet wide and when fully closed has fifty percent fullness.

The FSB does not fly out.

Two feet downstage from the FSB is the upstage truss (truss hang point is forty eight inches off rear wall).

16 feet downstage from Upstage truss there is a thirty foot wide by six foot deep black border curtain that has a bottom trim of twenty one feet. There are two mid-stage legs, on track, on the same plane as the border that extend from the stage walls to eight feet off stage center. There is space and point’s available for your 24 ft truss at midstage.

Company power disconnects, transformer isolated stage power, DMX connections, LAN jacks, work light switches, main snake head and audio and video projector feeds are wall mounted in the stage-left wing area as well.

There are two, eight feet by eight feet by one foot tall rolling drum risers available. These are constructed with four by four Bil-Jax steel and plywood staging units that lock together.

Stage entry for the artists is through a door downstage-right corner of the stage. The dressing rooms, which are located on the roof are accessed via a stairwell through that door. The “Main curtain” is fixed and is a twenty nine foot wide stage opening. It does not close, fly or guillotine. The bottom of the Venetian contour(tormentor) is trimmed at approximately 22 feet above stage and does not move.

Mains PA System

Allen & Heath dLIVE C3500 console
16 Nexo Geo-D speakers hung 8 per side.
6 Nexo RS18 dual 18” subwoofers ground stacked in cardioid mode, three per side.
4 NXamp 4×4 Amplifiers running at 2.7 Ohms & producing 50+ thousand watts of stereo power.
Amps are remotely racked and monitored and controlled at FOH via computer.
50 input channel transformer isolated snake with two independent outputs and 8 returns. PLUS – 3-cat 5 snake runs.
5 -8-channel stage input boxes.
1 -16-channel stage input box.
Mic selection consists of 42 Shure microphones of SM, Beta & KSM types.
We have’em all. Audix drum mic’s also available.
There are 2 Countrymen active DIs and 10 passive DIs available.
There are 42 K&M mic stands of various height and straightness available.

Stage Monitor System

Allen & Heath SQ7 console
6 DB Technologies DVX 15” 1000 watt self powered wedge monitors
8 EV ETX 15” 1500W powered monitors
1 QSC single 18” 1000 watt self powered drum mix subwoofer.
2 TURBO T112 as rear fill’s and front fills from a matrix LR feed
Please take note:
1 15” wedge is used on top of the drum mix subwoofer for the drum mix.
24 independent monitor mixes are available from the SQ7.

12 Quad power boxes on 8 independent 20 amp circuits are available.
All transformer isolated power terminates in an L5-30 twistlok.

Company Power

Company power is upstage left and consists of the following:
Lighting : 3 phase 208volt 200 amp fused disconnect with built-in female CAM-LOK connectors. Ground and Neutral are not reversed sex! SO BRING TURNAROUND’s if you need them.

Sound: 3 phase 208volt transformer isolated 100 amp fused disconnect with built-in female CAM-LOK connectors.
Your feeder cable must be rated for these loads.

Stage Power & DMX

There are 8 Transformer isolated 20 amp circuits distributed around the stage on L5-30 twistlok connectors. The house can distribute a quad box from each of those 8 outlets and and additional 6 quads on standard Edison plugs.

There are four stage pockets, two upstage and two downstage, 10 feet off the center line and each contains the following:
2 dimmer channel outputs on stagepin connectors, a DMX 5 pin on universe 2 output (remotely powered Intellegent lighting) and a 20 amp transformer isolated circuit on an L530 twistlock connector.

There are 2 DMX universes in use for house lighting. Universe one is the conventional dimmer. Universe 2 is house LED lighting. There is an independent DMX “homerun” from the FOH and balcony AVP panels to the stage for additional company lighting.


Load in is conducted via a concrete ramp that is inclined at 14 degrees, is 55 inches wide between the handrail and the brick wall and runs from the SW corner of the rear of the building beginning at the sidewalk and ending at the stage door. The dimensions of the stage door are 96 inches tall by 72 inches wide. It is a double door that swings out on a double hinge and folds back flat against the outside wall. The ramp is 42 feet long from the side walk to a level, 11 foot wide by 6 foot deep landing outside the stage doors. All ramps and stairways have curbs and handrails. There is limited onstage storage for dead cases. Please be prepared to store deads back in your trailer/truck or secured in our outdoor area.


The lighting console is a Martin M1 with an additional
The US truss is 48” off the rear wall. The DS truss is 8 feet off the DS edge.

The US truss is 26’ black anodized aluminum hung on one ton motors. It’s loaded with 10 Source Four PAR EA instruments with narrow lens, 8 Chauvet Colorado Tour 1 LED PARs, 10 two-lamp Molefays, and 3 ACL bars. We also have 4 Chauvet Rogue 2 Spots.

The DS truss is 30′ black anodized aluminum hung on half-ton ton motors. It’s loaded with 10 Source Four PAR EA instruments with medium
lens, 8 Chauvet Colorado Tour 1 LED PARs, and six Source Four 26 degree lekos and 1 -19 Deg at center truss.

There are four additional Source Four lekos hung from a mid house beam that consist of 2, 50 degree and 2, 26 degree instruments. Additionally, there are 4, 26 degree lekos on tormentor pipes flanking stage, and 4 extra Source Four pars with bases for up lighting.