Rollin’ Home – Tickets – Rooftop @ Georgia Theatre – Athens, GA – August 1st, 2019

Rollin’ Home

Rollin’ Home

Admiral Radio, The Hobohemians

Thu · August 1, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Rooftop @ Georgia Theatre


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Rollin’ Home
Rollin’ Home
Rollin' Home doesn't have to roll too far to play home. There are hundreds of musical collectives that can legitimately call themselves "Athens bands," but just a precious few that actually are comprised of players born and raised right here in the Classic City.

Rollin' Home can make that claim.

The six-piece roots-rock band (with more than a hint of Southern seasoning) has been together in one form or another for ten years, but most of its members virtually have grown up together right here in town.

Bassist Paul Alewine, his guitarist brother, Kevin, and percussionist Bart Mingledorf all are Clarke Central High alumni, while singer/guitarist Jarrell Garrett spent his teenage years at Cedar Shoals, and drummer Scott Tracy graduated from nearby Oconee County.

"We're definitely local," Paul Alewine says.

With its first-ever headlining date at the 40 Watt set for Saturday and its inaugural recording project (with producer and noted guitarist Rick Fowler) nearly in the can, Rollin' Home appears poised to make a bigger musical impression in the city its members always have called home. And from there, who knows?

"We really haven't done much touring at all," says Paul Alewine. "Hopefully, that's the next step for us. We want to continue to build a local following and then start spreading it as best as we can."

"We've got a good, loyal following," Kevin adds. "It's not the biggest, but we're working on it."

The Alewine brothers agree that while the group has been together in different incarnations for ten years ("We got together the first time to play a going-away party for a friend," Paul recalls), things really started rollin' after Mingledorf and Tracy joined the fold about three years ago.

"Before we got Bart and Scott, we weren't super-serious about what we were doing," Kevin says. "They're a big influence on what we sound like now."

Although they've played plenty of shows around town, the band discovered much about itself and the musical process during its recording sessions with Fowler, who has spent nearly 20 years in Athens in collaboration with the city's best musicians.

"We're learning a lot - it's pretty humbling," says Kevin of the band's studio sessions. "But we think we're going to have a really good record."

Several of Rollin' Homes' tracks have been sweetened with Hammond organ fills by Garrett's father, "Ivory" Jack Garrett, whose musical pedigree includes a stint in Vassar Clements' band.

With familiar influences like the Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful Dead, the players in Rollin' Home aren't afraid to stretch out their musical wings for occasional extemporaneous flights, but the Alewine brothers want to go easy on being described as a jam band.

"We're a lot more structured than that," says Paul, who also brings a deep appreciation for the funk to his bass playing. "I think of us more as songwriters who can improvise."
Admiral Radio
Admiral Radio
Some could say that Becca and Coty are both old souls. Heck, maybe that's why they get along so well. Just about everything in their house comes with a story. In early 2018, Becca was on the hunt for a vintage radio. After a little digging, she found one tucked away in the back of a dusty antique store in Columbia, SC. As she and her dad loaded it up into the back of his pickup truck, he noticed something. It was an Admiral Radio.

It didn't mean much to her at the time, but it turns out that she had a family connection. "My dad used to work for Admiral," her dad said. It was serendipitous. She immediately felt a connection to the radio and began doing some research on it.

Founded in 1934, Admiral Corp. and was once one of America's top producers of radios, TVs, and phonographs. At the height of World War II, Admiral was the weekly sponsor for CBS Radio Network's Sunday evening program,World News Today. But as cheaper, foreign imports made their way into the American economy, Admiral began to crumble. They would be bought and sold to a long list of buyers, eventually fading from the U.S. market.

As fate would have it, Becca's late grandfather was actually a salesman for Admiral. In fact, he was awarded "Top Salesman of the Year" for the state of South Carolina and even won a trip to Rio with his wife through the company, pictured above. The award you see in the picture below sits atop of Becca and Coty's very own Admiral radio today. How's that for divine intervention? Although her grandfather passed away many years before she was born, Becca and Coty are proud to help him continue the Admiral legacy.

For Becca and Coty, the name Admiral Radio has acquired new significance. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get lost in the noise. When they think of their '41 Admiral radio, they picture the folks of that era gathered around their radios at night, listening to the evening news. They think of the times those people shared as they huddled 'round together. They imagine a different place and time.

And as a band, this duo has created a timeless style and classic sound that speaks for itself. In an age where adding mechanized bells and whistles are the norm, Admiral Radio opts for a more natural feel by getting back to the basics of good songwriting and music with heart. Their favorite venues are the quiet coffee shops and intimate spaces, where listeners can be still and do what they do best - listen.
The Hobohemians
The Hobohemians
The term “Hobohemian” denotes a unique form of Americanized vagabond-style bohemianism which guides the group’s approach towards popular American and European roots music of the 1910’s, 20’s, and 30’s: a potent mix of proto-jazz, blues, and folk.
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Rooftop @ Georgia Theatre
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