Twen – Tickets – Rooftop @ Georgia Theatre – Athens, GA – September 12th, 2018



Lambda Celcius

Wed · September 12, 2018

Doors: 10:00 pm / Show: 10:30 pm

Rooftop @ Georgia Theatre


This event is 21 and over

Twen - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
“Nashville-based indie-rock outfit Twen make quite a first impression with debut single “Waste,” the lead track from their yet-to-be-announced first full-length studio album. The band, anchored by lead vocalist Jane Fitzsimmons and guitarist Ian Jones, have also signed to Frenchkiss Records and announced a tour in support of White Reaper.

“Waste” is an arresting introduction to Twen’s genre-defying sound, blending elements of psych rock and dream pop to make a sunny and energetic mélange, like surf rock a la Sunflower Bean. Theirs is the kind of timeless rock that leaves room for introspection and escapism both, conjuring infectious hooks without ever sacrificing texture. Fitzsimmons assets her worth by way of her androgynous vocals, singing, “I make you want to waste it, I make you wanna be someone / I make you want to waste it, I make you wanna waste some time.”

Twen, who came up through the Boston DIY punk scene, have been a hard band to find thus far, at least online: A search of streaming services returns only a self-titled 2017 live EP, recorded during the band’s debut performance in a Beantown basement. Twen have been honing their live show on the road ever since, taking their DIY approach across the country while piecing together their first album. Stay tuned for more on that front, as we can expect the album’s announcement and release both sometime in 2019.” - Paste Magazine
Lambda Celcius - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Lambda Celcius
Lambda Celsius (or Λ°C) is the stage persona of AC Carter: artist, musician, producer, bass player, and costume designer. AC performs in a karaoke set up in hand-made costumes accompanied by virtual assistant Alexa as the DJ, speaking from a post punk ethos highlighting gender inequality and the passivity of the stereotyped gendered voice.

AC has written, designed, recorded, and produced all of their own material, from instrumentation and production to designing their albums layout. AC’s take on music comes from the perspective of the sensual, thinking is feeling (and vice versa); in turn embracing the overlap between the sonic and the visual. AC highlights how the personal is political, conceptually pulling from personal trauma and cultural critique, revealing the inconsistencies of our perception of gender-norms in an attempt to reimagine a world not defined by gender or sexuality.

AC’s sound is rooted in post punk and 80’s r&b through pop sensibilities. Straightforward lyrically yet whimsical, AC brings influences from art, books, cultural analysis and critique, much in step with a folk vernacular yet with a cold and asexual demeanor. AC’s influence range from Laurie Anderson to Grace Jones, from Kim Gordon to Patti Smith, from Robert Morris to Isa Genzken, breaking down the framing devices that are always at odds with creative personas.

So far in 2018, AC performed at Big Ears Festival in March for the 12-Hour Drone in Knoxville, TN, and toured the east coast, performing at Silent Barn in Brooklyn before it closed. AC has made costumes for Jennifer Vanilla for her recent performance at MoMA PS1, and Kevin Barnes for Of Montreal's music video "Plateau Phase-No Careerism No Corruption". AC’s work will be published in New American Painting South Issue #136 in 2018, and was featured in a group exhibition curated by Wendy Vogel and presented by Regina Rex at bitforms in New York City. AC has recently opened for Of Montreal and Locate S,1, and will be releasing their second album Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference through their own label Scorpion Beach projected for September 2018.

There’s something undeniably appealing about the dark vibes that permeate throughout the self-titled album from Ann Catherine Carter aka AC Carter aka AC aka Λ°C. For fans of the production style of late 70′s, early 80′s post-punk undertakings, this should feel right at home. It’s a wall of sound broadcast from a dark room, easily inspired by the likes of New Order bass tones and proto goth vocals. The lead track, “At Least You Make Me Feel”, features R. Stevie Moore (presumably on guitar) and certainly sets the template for the rest of the record." We Own This Town

"Nashville-based musician and painter Λ°C dwells in the area between specificity and a broader artistic sense of experimentation. Her work in both mediums exhibits a wild and cathartic release of emotion and rational/irrational thought—she connects with her audience on an academic level as well as a distinctly empathetic one." Phinery

"[Λ°C] bring[s] a different perspective to her music than you might get from someone who's focused solely on pop music — a very cool thread to have in your scene. As Carter has shifted her focus from funky noise toward post-punk and electronic pop, she's continued to work with the idea of taking rigid, grid-like structures and bending them out of their manufactured shape and into something organic. Nashville Creme

Lambda Celsius has a new song out right now named “R & R” that honestly doesn’t sound like it came out of either city. Imagine a scene in a slightly damp, almost too cold pre-wall-fall West Berlin discotheque where the DJ has a stack of American R&B records and also a stack of Belgian minimal synth records. Then she accidentally drops them all, they get mixed together, and this song pops up. All of which is to say, this is a pretty tasty slice of icy yet soul-seeking sorta cold-wave stuff that’s totally worth your attention. Flagpole
Venue Information:
Rooftop @ Georgia Theatre
215 N. Lumpkin St
Athens, GA, 30601